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Be The Change You Want To See

No single person, program, or organization can slow down or end the cycle of disunity in Harrisburg. It takes a coalition and team to work together to slowly start to shift our city from polarization to a unified front. Kingdom Fit aims to combine multiple sectors, actors and stakeholders to slowly make that change.

Fitness has the power to bring people of different races, gender, educational background, class, ethnicity, and age together over a shared passion of health and wellness. Whether this means competing on a powerlifting team or participating in a yoga class, fitness can attract all types of people. Everyone can exercise, to some degree, no matter who they are. It all starts with believing you can do it.

Kingdom Fit is a gym run entirely by local community members; from the front desk worker to the group fitness instructor to the personal trainer. Every employee at Kingdom Fit has been impacted by polarization and are very aware of how this stagnates the development of our humanity. By partnering with Kingdom Empowerment Inc we aim to bring a mission of building community that started at a gym to a larger community every day.

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