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What Do We Do w/ Our Blessings

We live in a world where perspectives are developed from surface level judgements. We often listen for what's loudest to define status. We look to the name that is being mentioned the most and become their personal parrot.

I grew up with this same mentality, spending a great deal of my life pursuing another person's dreams, goals and aspirations; searching for myself from the outside/in.

My story can be posited as a reflection of a larger story that stagnates the unique gift every person brings in to this world; the ability to be yourself. The journey to be your authentic, genuine self can easily be lost in the pursuit of acceptance. We become chameleons; exploring ways to fit in as we climb our ladder of success. We stop celebrating Halloween because for us wearing a costume is not an event to be honored on a single day, it is a way of life.

I implore anyone who is reading this to not devalue your blessings. YOU ARE ENOGH, just the way God made you. You being your self is not going to get you in every space. It may not even help you rest easy at night. The only guarantee that you have by being your genuine, authentic self is that you are fulfilling the purpose God brought you here for.


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